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D’Seven Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd implies our natural companionship, excellence, suit to anyone needs, with valued customers and partners, throughout all others in Borneo.

Our ultimate responsibility is to serve all guests promptly and convey accurate information and knowledge when meeting their needs. Everything we do must be informative with local touch and hospitality. At the same time we are responsible to the communities in which we live and work extensively to the world community as well.

The company’s aim is to venture actively in developing and promoting the uniqueness of Sabah Malaysia as one of the world’s best tourism destination in “Eco & Agro”; apart from that other term of tourism such as sport tourism, health tourism, and cultural tourism destinations are to be enjoyed together with her rich and diverse cultural heritage. She’s not just to provide facilities for appreciation on the natural heritage in Borneo culture but also to increase awareness and greater understanding on the importance to conserve natural resources for continuation arrival of tourist.

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Teaching Math and Science In English.

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Communication Skills

How to Improve Oral Communication Skills in English
Improving your spoken English can be much more difficult than improving your listening comprehension because you need to produce English speech that is not only grammatically correct, but is also understandable and appropriate for the situation. Native English speakers often speak much differently than they write, and spoken English has its own rules and peculiarities that differ by dialect.
Improve your pronunciation so that you are understood. Choose one standard accent (American, British or Australian) and attempt to imitate the pronunciation. Each dialect has slightly different pronunciation of vowels, diphthongs and some consonants. For example, the “r” is pronounced at the end of words in American English but is dropped in British English. Once you choose a dialect, immerse yourself in it. Watch movies and listen to music in that dialect and try to imitate the sounds. You can also hire a professional accent and pronunciation coach or take pronunciation classes at a local language school.
Build your vocabulary. How do you need to use English? Memorize words that are important for you. If you are a businessperson and need English for business, learn words and phrases that are most applicable to conducting business meetings. If you are learning small talk for basic conversations, learn words about the weather and how to describe yourself. Focus on learning words that you will use. If you studying a language course book and there is an entire chapter on farming words which you know you are not likely to use, skip that section and move on to learning vocabulary relevant to your needs.
Learn and practice transitional phrases. Phrases that connect thoughts and ideas can improve the flow of your speech. You can use words that add, generalize, exemplify, restate, contrast and or summarize. For example, think about the following statement:
“I usually work on Fridays; however, I am normally free on Saturdays.”
Here the speaker uses a transition word, “however,” to contrast his schedule on Fridays and Saturdays. Transition words make your speech less choppy and more natural. At the bottom of the page, you can access a link to an excellent list of transitional words and phrases.
Practice with native speakers. Nothing can substitute for practicing your communication skills with native English speakers. If you do not have anyone to practice with in person, you can find language partners on My Language Exchange ( or hire a teacher through a service like Live Person ( If you have friends who are native speakers or are fluent in English, ask them to practice with you and correct your speaking. Without feedback, you will have difficulty knowing what you are doing wrong and how to fix it.
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Article Arrangement By: Harry George
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English Speaking Language

How to Improve Your Oral English
Good oral English will benefit your career, schoolwork and personal life. Even if you are learning English as an adult, you can learn to speak well. Whatever difficulties you have — pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary or grammar among them — you can improve your oral English by following these steps.
Listen to a lot of high quality spoken English. Language learning expert Stephen Krashen says that we learn a language from input we can understand. Listen to a higher level of language if you want good English for business or academic purposes. As a beginner, listen to instructional CDs or software. When you are ready, listen to quality news, documentaries and movies in English. If you don’t live in an English-speaking country, find these sources on the Internet. You will need a lot of listening to improve, so commit to listening for an hour or more every day.
Read to challenge yourself.
Read in English every day to increase your vocabulary. Read material you understand but gradually increase its challenge level. Try to read for 30 minutes to one hour every day.
Record your spoken English and listen to the playback. Try to hear your own strong and weak points. If you are taking an English class at a school with a language lab, look for pronunciation software. Listen to the speakers, record your own speech and play it back to compare. This practice will help you improve your pronunciation.
Pay attention to grammar when you speak. If you don’t know the rules, take a grammar class and ask English-speaking friends to correct you. However, don’t expect grammar exercises to take the place of listening and reading. Stephen Krashen believes that we learn grammar better by hearing and reading the language.
Improve your fluency by speaking in English every day. Seek out opportunities to talk to English speakers. Join a club, talk to neighbors or travelers and make new friends who speak English. Enjoy activities with English speakers so you use English in real-life situations. When you are alone at home or in the car, speak English out loud for practice. Speaking your thoughts aloud will also help you improve your oral English.
Look for opportunities to give speeches and presentations. Volunteer to give talks in English at school or in the community. If you don’t belong to a suitable group, join an English club or a speech club or sign up for a speech class in English. You will gain confidence by talking in front of a group and you will get valuable feedback. If you practice diligently, you will improve your oral English.
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Article Arrangement By: Harry George
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Internet as tools of Information for the teacher.

Using Internet information as sources of learning and activity. 
Using the internet information as resources in the learning and activity process is a common for the Teacher nowadays. Usually the ordinary teacher will do his/her lesson plan using textbook because they wanted to follow the syllabus. An extraordinary teacher will use the internet information to teach the pupils but still following the syllabus. The perfect lesson plan must include with resources from the internet and textbook so that the pupils’ knowledge will not obsolete and suitable for modern situation.
I have conducted a research about the question used on the UPSR exam and found out that 70% of the question was taken from the textbook syllabus and only 30% of it was from general knowledge. We want to educate the pupils to learn the real life situation. Although the textbook resources also related to the real life situation but it was not enough for the pupils. The textbook information was too simple. Teacher need to enhance the pupil’s knowledge by inserting new idea from the internet.
Teacher need to go through all the sources of teaching such as textbook, internet, magazine, newspaper, books, article and many more to make his or her lesson valuable to the pupils. The best way is to search through the internet to get information for the teaching and learning activity. Some of the internet sources may not suitable for the pupils in Malaysia but most of it can be used as guidance to conduct any particular activity. As for me, my aim and goals is to teach the entire unit in the textbook with internet sources such as game, worksheet or simple story.
I have learnt that the knowledge and information inside the textbook was too simple and too easy. The information was not enough for the pupils and for high level of pupils it was so easy for them. The pupils can answer the question less than five minutes. But when I give the pupils question from the internet that related to the topic from the textbook they cannot answer it. Internet was the valuable sources for the teacher because there is a lot of information can be gathered there. You lesson will become more effective when inserting some of the important sources from the internet.
Although the internet was full with valuable information and knowledge but we as a teacher must screen it first before use it as a tool on delivering the teaching and learning activity. Some of the information might not relevant to the syllabus. So be careful when copying the sources from the internet. English sources can be gathered from the ESL website which stands for English second Language. There are a lot of exercise such as grammar, writing, spelling and many more. Just search it through Google Search. 
I will concentrate to complete all the unit inside the textbook first and then teach the pupils using the internet sources.  The most important thing was the syllabus and as long as the lesson using the internet sources was following it, the lesson was considered on track. I will used internet sources for my future daily lesson plan.
Written by: Harry George 
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Rest House In Kudat

Lodging in Kudat Sabah.
I was in Kudat town this morning on a business trip. We have some works to do here in Kudat Resthouse or Rumah Rehat Kudat in Bahasa Malaysia. The resthouse is situated at the North-West end of Padang Bandaran Kudat. The entrance to Kudat Resthouse is also facing SMK Pekan Kudat, one of the oldest government funded school in Kudat region.
Weather in Kudat town this morning is fine in fact was very warm. If you are visiting Kudat and you need some information about Kudat. A complete travel guide in Kudat region for new visitors.
Ok, so what on earth about this Kudat Resthouse? Well, I have two thing in mind in this blog post. Number one, I want to highlight that Kudat resthouse is one of the cheapest and also a good place to stay if you are visiting kudat. They have enough rooms, located within a walking distant to any places in Kudat town and affordable. In-house restaurant are also available in Kudat Resthouse. So if you don’t have any transport to get around for meals you can always go into their in-house restaurant. 
So that is how good is Kudat Resthouse. However there are also a bad things and worth highlighting for you to take into account before you pop-in here in Kudat Resthouse.
If you need internet connection, they don’t have internet connection. You will have to bring with you a mobile broadband(internet connection). I wonder why Kudat resthouse management do not think internet connection is important and could be one of the attraction for people to stay here.
The facilities in the resthouse are all the basic one. There are no shower head and TV are not connected to the power and of course no Astro. 
One more good thing about Kudat Resthouse is the staffs are all very helpful. For budget accommodation in Kudat, I would suggest you to try it out.
Adapted From: Mr Tom Journey Go Kudat
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Budget 2012

The Budget 2012 is a good news for the Malaysian. Budget 2012 is an advantage to the people of Malaysia. Government departments to be rewarded better than the previous budget. Malaysians should be grateful for the prosperity enjoyed in this country. Certainly there will be shortage or problem faced by our administration, but it is natural for the surviving government. Malaysian government is trying to help the poor and improve the infrastructure in this country. Budget 2012 in favor of Malaysian society and I hope that this effort will continue to uphold and strengthen the nation’s economy. What is promised must be fulfilled .. The strength of a nation lies in the Economic, Political and Social in the country itself. Be thankful that we can live in a peaceful and prosperous country. Continue reading article below ……….. Thanks… 

The 2012 Budget speech by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Friday in Parliament besides being broadcast live on local television stations will also be streamed live via the Malaysian Treasury’s portal.
A Finance Ministry statement Tuesday said this was to enable Internet users to follow the live telecast of the speech.
The live telecast of the speech which starts at 4pm can be accessed in Bahasa Malaysia and English by surfing the Malaysian Treasury portal at
The speech text of the Budget 2012 and Economic Report 2011/2012 can also be downloaded from the portal concerned an hour after Najib, who is also Finance Minister, had tabled the 2012 Budget.
According to the statement, the Budget 2012 speech can also be accessed through mobile web, RSS link at and linking through agencies’ web pages under the Finance Ministry such as Royal Malaysian Customs Department, Bank Negara Malaysia, Securities Commission and Inland Revenue Board. – Bernama
Story Arrangement By: Harry George
Sources: Daily Express Sabah and Bernama.

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