Bambangan Orange
Another dishes from Sabah which has very unique flavour is “Bambangan”. The iban people in Sarawak called it – ” mawang”.
Bambangan is a type of wild mango with brown skin and a somewhat pungent smell. This is not eaten fresh as a fruit but made into a pickle or cooked with fish for a distinctive flavour. Nevertheless, some iban people like to eat it as fruit.
Bambangan is one of the kadazan dusun people’s choices for a sour tang to their food. sometimes, the mango is fried with onion and chilli and served as a side-dish or sambal. The Bambangan also can mixed with grated seeds to make the flavour more delicious!
You can get your Bambangan at “tamu” markets or street markets in Sabah.don’t miss this speciality when you come to Sabah!
Story: Tamparuli Admin

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