Holiday Eve Recital

Papier Mache Music Education House
All are invite to come at the Papier Mache Music Education House at Tuaran to enjoy a program organize by Papier Mache call ” Holiday Eve Recital”. This program aim is get feedback from all the parents and student study music at Papier Mache Music Education House. As the Marketing and Promotion correspondent for Papier Mache Musical Band, we proud to invite you to come at this music house to get to know each other so that we can build sustainable relationship in the future.
This Program will last just about 4 hours from 5.30pm till 9.00pm. Hope to see you guy here soon. Below is the tentative for the Holiday Eve Recital Program. Thanks for visiting this site.
5.30pm: Arrival for family and student.
6.00pm: Welcoming Speech from Mr James Inson
6.30pm: Recital Start
7.30pm: Tea Break
7.45pm: Recital Continue
8.45pm: Certificate Presentation
9.00pm: Recital End
” Papier Mache Music House and Education “
– Music Is A Part Of Wonderful Life –
Story: SSG
Sources: Ezbon, Jeff and Ferdinand
Picture: Papier Mache

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