>Hospital Berungis Tuaran

>Hospital Berungis Tuaran

Hospital Tuaran, New looks and Upgraded Inside The Hospital
Tamparuli have approximately about 20k resident. When measuring the development of certain places we must look into the facility provided by the government such as Hospital, Education, safety and a good public services. Although Tamparuli rarely have all these facility but if compare with Tuaran, it just like 3 to 1. In this article I will focus on the health facility provided by the government agency in Tamparuli district. If we go to Tamparuli every Wednesday Morning and during that day is Tamu Day, the Clinic in Tamparuli is full with patients and it seem like the Dispensary cannot afford to serve all of this Patients. The main point is, we need more, big, modern facility and pharmacy service at this so call Dispensary.

Hospital Berungis Tuaran

Yesterday, I went to Hospital Berungis,Tuaran to get treatment for my son and I feel so amaze with the new look at this Hospital. The new look is far more better than 2 years ago and more develop compare with Tamparuli Dispensary. Although I know the main purpose for this two Hospital is to serve the people but at least the government can transform and provide Tamparuli Dispensary to have same facility and equipment with Hospital Berungis Tuaran. My opinion and also the opinion of Tamparulian at least upgraded Tamparuli dispensary to become multipurpose Clinic/Dispensary. Hospital Berungis Tuaran is located before the roundabout to Turan and Tamparuli Town. The facility and services offered is Medical Check Up, treatment for minor Illness, Pharmacy, Counselling, Tooth treatment and many more and only being chargeable RM1 per treatment.The look inside of this Hospital is better now and I really proud with it. Keep up the good work and credit to Ministery of Health to provide such a wonderful services.This hospital was built more 12 years ago and every day it become more better than before.
The state government in Tamparuli and Tuaran should take more responsibility to provide the public more facility and upgrade the existing facility. The Level of health facilites in Tamparuli is still low compare with other district in Sabah. Although our YB is already pulling his strength 100% to make our life in Tamparuli better and to transform and following the same rhythm of NEM ( New Economic Model ) to achieve it target, we must help him by supporting him with new idea and opinion to make his work more easy. it up to him to measure our idea. There are many channel of media that we can write an article to support him. May Tamparuli become the fast and vast develop Town in the year 2020. Keep on Supporting him and God bless you all. Thanks
” Idea From The Public Is A Gold To The Nation “
Story: Harry George – http://www.Tamparulisabah.com
Sources: Own Observation and Experience
Picture: Ministries Of Health

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