>Majlis Daerah Tamparuli?

>Majlis Daerah Tamparuli?

Majlis Daerah Tamparuli?
Is it the Tamparuli District need it’s own Tamparuli District Council ? Tamparuli District Council in details is about a local council/authority that administrate it own town together with District Office by collecting tax, making building for small enterpriser, collecting rubbish, approving licences, inspecting the town area and many more to provide excellent services for the public of Tamparuli District. The Different between District Council and District Office is the District Council is a local authority that manage it own town but for District Office is under the State Government. The main objective for this article is weather Tamparuli Town need it own Local Authority or not? Although Tamparuli Town have it own District Office but it’s still under the jurisdiction from Tuaran District Office. We want to be free from Tuaran District Jurisdiction. If we have our own local authority, we do not have to go to Tuaran District Council anymore to apply for shop and so forth. Tamparuli Town is still under the jurisdiction from Majlis Daerah Tuaran or Tuaran District Council. All the tax, payment and registering small business services fee are collected by this local council. We need our own local authority to manage our own district. The income will be used to develop our town without interfering from Tuaran District Council.
If the authority do not want to established new local council at Tamparuli, why don’t we upgrade our own District authority. All the decision will be made by Tamparuli District Office and that mean we have our own district and not defending to Tuaran Authority. We must have the title Tamparuli District not “Small District of Tamparuli”. It better than right now. Although we see a lot of development at Tamparuli Town but we want to manage our own Town and District. Within 5 years from now hopefully we will see our own district can manage it self without any help from Tuaran District Authority. Tamparuli District is capable to manage it town and we also can produce good leader to manage our own town. Tamparulian wants our local origin to control and manage our town.
In order to have a develop town we must have our own local authority to manage it. It only an oppinion from me and I really like to appreciate thanks for the local authority to provide us more development than before. Our Datuk also has been contributing the development of Tamparuli and hopefully he will continue his effort until Tamparuli become a city someday. See you next article. Happy Holiday.
Story: Harry George
Picture: Tamparuli Sabah/www.tamparulisabah.com
Date: 28/12/2010

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