Bypass Road Donggongon, Penampang

Donggongon Bypass Road Killer Machine

Below is one of the best article about road precuation to all Sabahan. Be very careful when you using this roads. There is so many accident reported happen here. Make sure your car is in ” Tip Top ” condition and please follow the rule to prevent accident from happen. 

Adapted from Sunduvan Article.
Donggongon road bypass is really dangerous to all motorist. I went to Donggongon to pay up some bills today using Donggongon road bypass. The construction works along the road is still ongoing although it was started almost a year ago.
The very disturbing thing is the road could be very dangerous at night with all the machinery and construction materials are on the road which left only one lane is available. The road condition is also so bad that it could be very dangerous to smaller vehicle like Kancil and motorcycles.
I believe this issue had been highlighted last week but there are none been done to improve the situation. My friend who lives in Donggongon uses this road almost everyday told me that traffic jam in that area is very bad in the morning.
I wonder what the local government is doing to solve this problem. The flood or banjir in Kampung Kibabaig is still not solved until now. What is making them so slow in taking action to solve this problem?
Story By: Sabah Today
Sources: Own Observation and Suduvan Blog
Picture: Sunduvan

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