Datuk Seri Juhar Mahirrudin New TYT For Sabah

Datuk Seri Juhar Mahirrudin New TYT For Sabah
Sabah State Legislative Assembly Speaker Datuk Seri Juhar Mahiruddin, 59, is the new Governor of Sabah as of today.
A community leader of mixed Kadazan and Bajau heritage from Sandakan (born November 5, 1953), he was formerly with the United Sabah National Organisation (Usno), and later joined the United Malaysian National Organisation Sabah (Berjaya) and the Sabah United Party (PBS).
When Usno and Berjaya merged to become Umno Sabah, he became a member of Umno Sabah in 1990. A British-trained lawyer and magistrate, he was a Member of Parliament from 1990-1999 and subsequently served as Sabah State Legislative Assembly Speaker (2002-2010).
He was the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament’s lower house (House Of Representatives) from 1994-1999. Juhar’s sister is the Parliament’s upper house’s (Senate) Deputy President Datuk Armani Mahiruddin. He is an avid photographer and is musically talented. Juhar will serve for a maximum of two four-year terms.
Sabah’s Governors since independence have been the following:
Tun Datu Mustapha Datu Harun of Kudat (1963-65) [Bajau].
Tun Pengiran Ahmad Raffae Pengiran Osman of Sipitang (1965-73) [Berunai].
Tun Muhammad Fuad Donald Stephens of Papar (1973-75) [Kadazan].
Tun Muhammad Hamdan Indan Keri of Tuaran (1975-78) [Kadazan].
Tun Ahmad Thomas Koroh of Tenom (1978) [Kadazan & Murut].
Tun Muhammad Adnan Mickey Robert of Keningau (1978-86) [Kadazan].
Tun Muhammad Said Keruak of Kota Belud (1986-94) [Bajau].
Tun Sakaran Dandai of Semporna (1994-2002) [Murut & Bajau].
Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah of Kota Kinabalu (2002-2010) [Kadazan & Bajau].
Datuk Seri Juhar Mahiruddin of Sandakan (2010-) [Kadazan & Bajau].
Stroy By: Sabah Today
Sources: Daily Express
Picture: Bernama

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