UBF Will Be Register Soon

Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan
UBF stand for United Borneo Front which founded by Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan. Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said that this organization will not be involved in Political matter in Sabah. It will focus on the society and economic condition in Sabah and Borneo only. It will be registered as NGOs or Non Government Organization and more to Public Matter. It will not be registered as a Political Party in Sabah. The main purpose for this NGOs is to serve the public by giving advise and other society matter. 
A civil right movement that will focus on the “Spirit Of Sabahan”. This Non-political organization will be popular among Sabahan and Sarawakian and the members is rapidly increasing to enter this NGOs. Weather this Organization will success or not is up to the public in Sabah and Sarawak  to decided it. Right now the process of registering is undergoing to register this organization as a legal organization. When talking about this organization, public may think that this organization will focus on Political matter because we know that Dr Jeffrey is synonym to Politic in Sabah. Hopefully that Dr Jeffrey will focus on the mission and vision of this organization so that this Civil Right Movement will become the best organization in Borneo.
It is the time for us to share our idea to this organization and transform our state for the poorest to develop country in Malaysia. Fight for our right, our custom and other civil right that being put a side by the irresponsible person. It is the right time to fight back because we have this NGOs and hopefully what they promise will be executed by this United Borneo Front.
Story By: Sabah Todays Admin
Sources: Daily Express, 2nd Page – 06/01/2011
Picture: Google Images

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