Bukit Perahu, Tamparuli Sabah

Bukit PerahuTamparuli Legend and Myth.
Tamparuli Town is full with legend and myth, whereby people in Tamparuli used to tell me about a story of ” Bukit Perahu ” which mean Hill Of Boat in English Language a few years ago. One story that is still fresh in my memory is the story of a huge rock shape like a boat located somewhere behind the ” Bukit Perahu “. If you want to search for it, it will never be found but you will found it accidentally if don’t want to look for it. That was the old man told me years ago. Bukit Perahu is located behind the Buddhist Temple and at the brink of road to Kg Bawang, Tamparuli. This road also known as the old Ranau Road and if you follow this road, you will reach Kg Togop Tamparuli and from there you will penetrate to Ranau Road.
Bukit Perahu
Bukit Perahu got it name because of the huge rock shape like a boat located somewhere behind that hill. I have been there several time already but I never seen it. No body have ever found it but there is story about it. It make me so confuse about the story because there is no evidence about the existing of the “huge rock shape like a boat” and no body dare to find it. My friend and I used to find rubber seed behind the Buddhist Temple and because of worry maybe the old man told us about the story to prevent us to coming back again and again to that hills. The hill is full with small tree and grass during that day. Behind the hill is full with rubber tree and you feel freaky when you go there. It will be a huge discovery if someone find it but there is a myth telling that if you find it you will be lost forever.
Bukit Perahu also used by the Roman Catholic adherent to do the Stations Of the Cross every year. The Roman Catholic adherent is from St Philip Roman Catholic Church of Tamparuli. Bukit Perahu is namely by the Roman Catholic follower as St Veronica Hill and a big white cross is planted on top of the hill. It was majestic and wonderful view from the hill top, you can see all the Tamparuli Town area from there. Pick up you camera and go for it. It open for public and make sure that your are really fit to make the climb. Bukit Perahu is also used by the Paraglider to do the Paragliding Extreme sport. Usually they will do this sport if the wind blow from behind Bukit Perahu. Datuk Jahid Jahim have experience in doing this sport several years ago and I was there at the scene to watch it done. All the paragliders is welcome to join this sport. Tamparuli authority is strongly promoting this sport around the globe and this sport is aiming to be done twice a year. It will bring huge impact to Tamparuli town whereby a lot of visitor will come to this town to enjoy this game.
There are many different story about this hill, you can search through the net or wikipedia to get more information about it. It is a legend or myth it up to the reader to decide it. Mr Ben Godomon in his blog ( bengodomon.com ) is also providing good story and picture about this hill. He start blogging about Tamparuli more than 5 years ago and a credit to him for his outstanding word, articles and picture of Tamparuli Sabah. Find more interesting story about Tamparuli through www.bengodomon.com.
” There Is More Here Than Meet The Eye “
Story: Travelers Log Book Admin
Sources: Own Experiance
Picture: Bengodomon.com

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