Dr Jeffrey and United Borneo Front

Now Jeffrey says UBF may enter politics
Finally Dr Jeffrey hinted that UBF will enter politic if the political party in Sabah refuse to accept the Borneo Agenda. UBF stand for United Borneo Front whereby it first mission is  to gather all the Borneon to fight for their right. The first intention is to fight for our right now we go for politic…. An extraordinary person like Dr Jeffrey will surely go for politic..it was his main intention when he registered UBF. I  like this guy but hopefully this time he will go for a constant political ideology. The immature of political ideology form Dr Jeffrey must be thrown away by him, if not this will effect the UBF in the future. If we have a strong leader, good perspective toward the people, tough to face the challenge-able surely it will contribute a lot to the people and the party. Roughly there are more than 10,000 members registered under this organization. Please find more information through newspaper regarding to “when will UBF officially enter politic in Sabah?”.  For more information regarding to this article please read below… Thanks for reading….

Adapted From Daily Express/13 Jan 2011

Kota Kinabalu: United Borneo Front (UBF) leader Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan hinted it might eventually become a political party if existing political parties in Sabah refuse to subscribe to its Borneo Agenda.
“We can’t stop people joining whatever parties they wish but I am focusing my struggle on promoting the Borneo Agenda through UBF and forming a Borneo Alliance of political parties, NGOs and individuals who subscribe to our struggle for political and economic empowerment in Borneo.
“Part of the agenda is to correct the balance of power in Parliament and review the oil contracts and revenue so that there will be more for Sabah and Sarawak.
“The current BN and PR set up has failed to address these issues because they have focused on Peninsular Malaysia’s agenda which is why UBF hopes to educate the masses on how we could empower ourselves politically,” he said. Jeffrey said UBF would be approaching every political party in BN and PR intending to put candidates in Sabah and Sarawak and ask them whether they subscribe to the Borneo Agenda so that the people will know what is truly in their hearts when they become the peoples’ representatives.
“We will make it very clear to our supporters and everybody we know here and abroad which parties have subscribed to our struggle and which parties have flatly rejected it.
“If the parties in Sabah refuse to subscribe to the Borneo Agenda, then we have no choice but (form) eventually a new political party in Sabah to promote the struggle of our founding fathers,” said Jeffrey in a statement, Wednesday.
In response to Parti Bersatu Sabah’s (PBS) denial of any talks with UBF through their Information Chief, Johnny Mositun, he said: “We are not aware whether Mositun issued the denial with the blessing of the PBS Supreme Council.
“It has been reported in the media that PBS tried to invite me back into the party and offered their party to all those recently resigned from PKR”.
Jeffrey said UBF wanted to ask Mositun whether he and PBS understands and subscribes to the Borneo Agenda, the struggles of UBF and the formation of the Borneo Alliance.
Story Arrangement By: Sabah Todays Admin
Sources: Daily Express
Picture: Google Images

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  1. wan die says:

    If it will going true….i hope Datuk Dr.Jeffrey will bring new era for Sabah and Sarawak… and to be true… dont trust any political party from peninsular… we have right to stand on own our feet… our source is our…

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