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Sabah media praised for job well done

A support from the media will help to prevent crime. We are too depending on media to get the latest information about the current situation in Sabah and Borneo. Here and there we read and heard about bad thing happen and thanks to Sabah Media for giving the latest information for us. The police department will be joining together with the  media to update the people in Sabah.. what is happening? Keep Up the good works Sabah Media for such a brilliant works. Please read more… 

Adpted From Daily Express: 3 March 2011
STATE Police Commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib praised media practitioners in Sabah and gave them a “Grade A” for reports on police and crime related news.

“I have been here for only four months and I can say the media here has done a good job. There is a good relationship between the media and police here and I hope it will maintain,” he said during a “Brunch With The Media” function in Kepayan, Wednesday.

Hamza reminded media practitioners to maintain their good journalism skills to avoid reporting news with false information.

“Media is a very important medium and reporters should practise responsible journalism and make sure the information you get comes from a reliable source and supported with facts.”

He also said that when it comes to reporting crime stories, reporters should avoid using “police spokesperson” or “police source” without any confirmation from the police chief.

“I will make sure my men (district police chiefs) do their jobs and co-operate with media when it comes to getting information or confirmation.”

Hamza also said the media should also avoid sensationalising news and that media should think about the implication of the news in society.

He added that a media centre would be set up once the construction of the new State Police Headquarters building in Kepayan is complete for the benefit of reporters in Sabah.

“We will provide computers and Internet access just like in Bukit Aman and we welcome reporters to make full use of the tools.”

Also present were State Crime Investigation Chief SAC Omar Mamah and Sabah Journalist Association president Datuk Joniston Bangkuai, among others.

Story Arrangement By: Sabah Today Admin
Picture: Google Images

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