Seized Bahasa Bibles Released After Stamped " For Christians Only "

Bible Stamped ” For Christians Only “
What does it mean… the Holy Bible seized by the authority at Kuching, Sarawak and Port Klang, Selangor are released and being stamped with ” For Christians Only ” are there Non-Chrisitian reading it? Why? Is it because of the word ” Allah ”  are being used in the Holy Bible or just a Political issue use by the opposition to fight the ruling government? Hopefully people in Sabah will not make wrong assumption and drastic decision   regarding to this matter. Our local leader such as Datuk V.K Liew and Datuk Herbet already made their statement inside Sabah Daily Express Newspaper, yesterday 19 March 2011 regarding to this matter. What say you people of Sabah?
The using of word “Allah” in the Holy Bible is a hot issue for the living Christian in Sabah and Peninsular Of Malaysia. Do we want our country in jeopardize just because of this misunderstanding? Why must we quarrel because of the word of Allah was being used in the Holy Bible? Why not we share it because Muslim and Christian belief  shared the same Allah and coming from the same root of prophet. As I could remembered, the using word of Allah in the Holy Bible is more than 50 years in Sabah and based from my observation people in Sabah is using it without difficulity between Muslim and Christian in Sabah. People in Sabah is soft hearted and they will think first before act. The religion issue is worst if compare with political issue… we must be careful in dealing with it… We can make joke and story without hurting somebody but when come to “Religion Issue” be very careful in what you want to say… 
I really hate those opposition who like to use the hot issue to jeopardize the society. they should be stop…  The NGOs also need to think twice before their made statement such as ABIM(Sabah), if the government already made their decision why to argue anymore? Government is the main decision maker in all whatever issue happen inside Malaysia. We as the citizen of Malaysia need to follow it. Full Stop and follow it. If I given a chance to make a decision regarding to this matter.. we must settle it before too late because it will effect our future. Stop telling that many Muslim convert to Christian just because of this Malay version Bible and containing the word of Allah. People in Malaysia have their right to choose what ever their like as long as their decision is not harmful to other citizen and the government. The rumors regarding to this issue is used by the opposition party to tears us apart and let us be strong and fight them back. Wait for the right moment and wait  for our leader to decide what the best for us. Keep faith to our own religion whether Christian or Muslim and be patient and love each other so that we can  live in Sabah and Malaysia happier than before. 
” Keep Faith “
Story Arrangement By: Sabah Todays Admin ( HG )
Sources: Daily News Paper, Friends Blog, Internet and a Political Friends.
Picture: Google Images

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