CFOs – Consumer Front Of Sabah

New Consumer Group Form
What happen to Cash (Sabah and Labuan Consumer Association)? We are not really sure what happen to this NGOs whereby it objective is to protect the rights of consumer in Sabah and Labuan. Consumer in Sabah and Labuan is not being protected by CASH…. don’t be angry, CASH had done it job perfectly but during this two years (2009-2010) many complaint from the society saying that CASH did not deliver it job 100%. Is it because the crumbling member is quarrellings with each other? That was the rumors I heard and hopefully this newly formed organization can prevail their objective to be shown publicly. Continue Read Below…. 
Kota Kinabalu: The Consumer Front of Sabah (Cfos) was approved by the Registrar of Societies on March 11 this year, after two years of waiting, revealed its President Nordin Thani, a satellite TV engineer.
Nordin, a consumer activist even while a student in the United Kingdom and upon returning to Sabah in 2006, said the Cfos as a consumer mouthpiece will without fear or favour speak out and defend the rights of consumers be it pertaining to goods or services.
“We will work with both government and private agencies to constantly promote consumerism among Sabahans and make it a culture especially which the next generation of consumers and goods and service providers will treat seriously.”
According to him, Cfos currently has 11 registered branches throughout the state with five more in the process of being registered.
“Currently we have 105 members and we are targeting a membership of 500 by year end; We are open to Malaysians residing in Sabah aged 18 and above.”
He said Cfos also received and was considering a request to expand to Labuan although there is already a consumer association there.
Cfos has planned a road show to introduce itself to the general public.
The Sabah public lost a strong consumer voice following the deregistration of the Consumer Association of Sabah and Labuan (Cash) in 2009.
Story Arrangement By: Sabah Todays Admin
Sources: Daily Express, Friends Blogs
Picture: Google Images

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