Karaoke Way To Promote Sabah Culture

Tourism, Culture and the Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun said the production of Sabahan Karaoke MTV VCDs was one way to promote the unique culture of Sabah and enrich the creative works of the State.
He said this in a speech read out by his Assistant Minister, Datuk Bolkiah Ismail, during the launching of the Sri Bayu Karaoke MTV produced by Online Productions and featuring local singers Clarice John Matha, Meeda Hamzani, Lydia Kalidin and Rozza Rothman, here, Monday.
“The songs, dances, locations, legends, language and voice quality featured in an MTV Karaoke also represent the culturalisation of a race and can be made into a platform to help present the beauty and richness of our local culture and entertainment arts to the outside world,” said Masidi.
He said the production of the local MTV Karaoke will also be a valuable addition to efforts to encourage the younger generation to understand and appreciate Sabah’s unique local arts and culture.
“As such, I ask all arts and culture enthusiasts in the State to follow the initiative and steps taken by Online Productions and BestaBorneo Sdn Bhd to produce local creative works.
“The production of creative works should not be based on commercial values and profit only but should be seen also from the standpoint of contributions to the development and branding of our culture,” he said.
Masidi said any effort to do so by arts and culture enthusiasts in the State is sure to receive the support of his Ministry.
In another development Bolkiah said the Government will not hesitate to take action against travel agencies which do not provide separate accommodations for male and female tourist guides and force tourist guides of different genders to share rooms.
“It is immoral for them to do so and the Government will not hesitate to take action including suspending or revoking their licences,” he said.
He was commenting on the reports in the national and Chinese media highlighting a recent case where a tour guide in the peninsula claimed that a tour bus driver who shared a room with her had sexually assaulted her.
The Tourism Ministry had made a ruling in 2009 that requires men and women guides to stay separately during tours following complaints of the practice in the industry where tour guides of different genders were forced to share rooms.
Also present at the ceremony was Sabah Cultural Board Chairman Datuk Wences Angang and BestaBorneo Managing Director Osman Rijan.
Adapted From: Daily Express
Date: 24/05/2011
Images: Google Images

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