NRD Must Implement Integrity.

Dompok fulfilling Ministerial oath when singling out NRD

Borneo Heritage Foundation United Borneo Front Committee (UBF) Chairman, Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, said Federal Ministers have the right to question departments responsible for issuing documents to foreigners through the backdoor.

This right comes from the oath taken by Ministers before the King pursuant to Article 43(6) of the Federal Constitution which states that the Ministers shall “preserve, protect and defend [Malaysia’s] Constitution”, he said in Kg Pinahawon, Inanam, Friday.
“Part III of the Federal Constitution relates to the acquisition of citizenship in this country. If a Federal Minister or member of the Cabinet has any reason to believe that a government department or person has broken the provisions of Part III of the Federal Constitution so as to threaten the territorial integrity of this country, that Minister is under oath as part of his/her allegiance to King and country to highlight those issues and defend the integrity of our Federal Constitution.
“A Federal Minister who raises this issue in good faith for the King and Prime Minister to consider is well aware of his/her oaths and collective responsibility to King, parliament and the nation.
“Our responsibility as elected representatives is to defend King, citizens and country from the threat of aliens who acquire documents against any of the stipulated provisions of Part III of the Federal Constitution,” he said, adding Tan Sri Bernard Dompok is certainly not the person who should resign from politics.
Dompok, who is Federal Plantations and Commodities Minister, was recently criticised by former Chief Minister Tan Sri Harris Mohd Salleh for blaming the National Registration Department as the source of the integrity problems that the Elections Commission is facing over phantom voters, among others.
Harris had said that Dompok, being a Federal Cabinet Minister, should subscribe to the principle of collective responsibility.
Addressing a crowd of over 100 people, Dr Jeffrey added that all Sabahan leaders should support each other where common issues are challenged before the Federal powers.
“Why are we not supporting each other in addressing common problems?” he asked.
There are numerous books and articles on the data involving allegations of conferment of citizenships on illegal immigrants, he said, adding this is a very critical moment for Sabahans because our poverty is evidence of our disenfranchisement.
“If Sabah today has full control of the oil rights instead of the paltry five per cent and full administration of a financial off-shore centre like Labuan, would we be in our present predicament?
“We have a right to demand for the return of our oil percentages.
We have a right to demand that Labuan comes back to Sabah.
Everything was taken away from Sabah without the consent of the people of Sabah and a referendum was not even carried outÉwe lost everything,” he said.
“The only way we can regain control is for every Sabahan and Sarawakian politician to amalgamate under one Borneo party and demand for at least 90 seats in parliament to make 35 per cent of the veto.”
Story Arrangement By: Sabah Todays Admin
Sources: Daily Express an UBF
Picture: Google Image

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