Skkp2 Johor Bahru

SK Kangkar Pulai 2

SK Kangkar Pulai 2 is a government school located at Kangkar Pulai, Johor Bahru. SK Kangkar Pulai 2 was surrounded by housing, flat and palm oil estate. This school is one of the best in Kulai Education Department. You can log on to for more information. This school have two official website, just now I mentioned about and the other one is You also can like this school by clicking  SK Kangkar Pulai 2 | Facebook created by one of the pupils (4 Perdana). I been planning to create one blog for SK Kangkar Pulai 2. Since I taught English Language here, I’m on a good mood of creating an English Panel Blog for this school and hopefully I can create a good and knowledgeable blog with the help from the Head Of English Panel here.  
When I searched through the internet, my recent post about this school was number eight in Google index and I wanted to re-post again using the  appropriate keywords so that at lest my post can climb to number three.. haha just kidding. I will write more about this school after I gradually ends my practicum here. My last day will be on 07.10.2011 and hopefully I can contribute something for this school. My friend Mr Brolin is planning to create mural as our Science project. If I could complete the English Panel Blog quickly, I will focus on creating another blog for Science Panel. The Headmaster is really cool and very helpful to us. There is a lot to be learned here and I will surely write a full article about this school later. 
“Sekolah Gemilang, Guru Gemilang, Murid Terbilang”
Posted By: Harry George
Picture: SK Kangkar Pulai 2 Official website.

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