Estranged – Borneo Music video

Estranged Borneo Music video
Estranged the most popular band from Malaysia. The lead singer is “Rich” a Sabahan from Penampang. Presenting their latest song title of Borneo. You can see it through Youtube title of  Estranged “Borneo” Music video” Married to a beautiful wife also from Penampang, Velvet Aduk. Both of them is former AF reality shows. Good looking and have tremendous voice. Congratulations for Estranged for creating such a wonderful son for Borneo. It is a good way to promote Sabah by presenting a nice places in Sabah. My observation through Estranged”Borneo” Music video, Desa Cattle (Ranau) and Tip Of Borneo (Kudat) was the location used by this group. “Go Estranged Go”
Story Arrangement By: Harry George
Picture: Google Images

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