Tamparuli Idol 2011

20 Participants compete for Tamparuli Idol 2011
190811-idol5-121st round, Tamparuli Idol 2011 held at Sound Waves Music Café in Tamparuli town last weekend. Tamparuli Idol 2011 competition present 27 singer come up with their very own performances. However, of all those, only 20 competitior selected to proceed to the quarter-final competition on Aug 20.
Hafifi Hafidz Horace, Rian, Salvystion @ Anderson Satur, Herrly Nuing, Eva Lovelyne Untop, Dennis Jarry, Francis Hendry, Ednestha Francis, Rubyzane Romedius Taipoi, Enelia Francis, Eugenya Mok, Marlyina Linsin Liss, Suili George, Hexsoon page, Evra Malubin, Misshuenny Udah, Sherryl Josh, Phillip Paulin, Aznor, Jaccius Donnius continued the competition for early stage of Tamparuli Idol 2011, while seven others less fortunate, where knocked out that night. 
Tamparuli Idol 2011 final will be on 31st August 2011 whereby eight contestant will be competating each other to become the No 1 that will be crowned as Tamparuli Idol 2011.
The winner will get RM600 cash prize along with a trophy and the main objective is to expose, to give experience to the participants about the reality TV and build confidence of the participants to perform in front of audience. 
local artists from Sabah judges the contest, the participants also can share with them how to improve techniques of singing, how to communicate well and effectively,” said Joe Joachim Gaban the organizing chairman. 
Joachim also is the owner of Sound Waves Bamboo choose to invite well-known local artists as judges for the night. 
Among them are Ateng famous song ‘Norubat Piginawaan’ as the head judge is assisted by the LP Raphiel Pinus (famous for the song Tompukirik-kirik and Sayang Itu Masa), S. Welly (Gadis Kudat), Benn. Simon Bukag (Binsorou Mamatos Kolungguyan) and Janrywine J. recently release his first single “Macam Di KK”. 
Another jury is  James Inson, teacher and a famous violin player from Papier Mache Local Band From Tamparuli Sabah. 
Female artist from Kota Belud Caroline Joseph make his debut performances through her popular song ‘Ginawoku Kagasanku’ in front of more than 200 peoples that night.

Story Arrangement By: Harry George
Sources: Sabah Times
Picture: Sabah Times 

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