A Student Was Beaten Without Reason

Do Not Punish Without Any Reason.
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A Form Two student of SMK Arshad here claimed to have been beaten by his teacher for no reason on Thursday (Aug. 25).
Mohd Shafiq Johari, accompanied by his parents, came to the Kota Belud SAPP office to demand justice against the teacher.
His father also lodged a police report and obtained a medical report regarding the incident.
“My son was beaten by the teacher for no apparent reason.
This has caused him to be worried and depressed as well as afraid of going to school,” he said, adding that his request for a meeting with the school principal for an explanation was ignored.
“The principal didn’t take any action. In fact, the alleged teacher through the discipline teacher offered to give me RM200 to forget the incident,” he claimed.
“I refused to accept the money but my son brought back the money after he was instructed to bring it home,” he further claimed.
Shafiqs’ parents are very disappointed with the school and decided to come to the SAPP office to seek advice and assistance in the matter.
They said they wanted this matter to be exposed because they don’t want the same thing to happen to other children.
Among those present were Kadamaian Chairperson, Agnes Liewpin, Information Chief Jack Giau, Deputy Chairman Tubil Gandong and Usukan Division Secretary Yong Kai Wah.

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