Tenom Best Places

Sabah Agricultural Park, Tenom

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  The Gateway to Nature Deep in the Heart of Sabah

I was greeted by all types of trees and flowers

 Looks so proper 
Almost all of tropical trees and plants can be found here

Flowers along the roadI was on the Park’s ‘train’ when I took this picture

Aha..the lake in the middle of the park..this park also provide hostel and camping sites for interested visitors Serenity awaits you here

It’s quite hot but its good!the park boasts one of the most diverse type of plants in malaysia bamboo-plant species

I like the picture above it was so scenic The park also has several section, the cactus , orchid and many moreA rather weird tree..its fruit hanging from its bark Exotic orchids
More orchids
water lilies in one of the pondsa true Sabahan view

Another exotic palm tree producing exotic ‘fruit’

Can you believe that the leaves of this water lily can support the body of a baby?

The park also has a small allocation for animals..these ostriches are one of the attraction there.So why wait?? Come visit Taman Pertanian Tenom

Story Arrangement By: Sabah Traveler .
Sources By: Sabah So Good Blogspot.
Picture By: Dennis James.


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