Tapai Factory In Tambunan

Rice Wine In Tambunan Sabah

Rice wine in sabah is affectionately known as “Tapai”!

This factory is located in TVRC

 rice grain is smashed in this smasher called “lesung padi” to separate the husk from the grain..the  rice is put in the centre and smashed using the ‘wooden smasher’..i don’t know whether to call it smash or squeezed or what – or even if it is the correct word to use..but whatever it is ..the usage is almost like in the mortar used in labs

the other almost-oval-shaped ‘thing’ is called the tampi…which is woven from thinned bamboo sticks..the function is to let the husk fall while retains the rice grain in it..the mechanism is simply by moving the ‘sifter’
up and down..preferably in windy condition..trust me i’ve tried it! the rice grain is then cooked and turned into tapai! 

A flow chart on how tapai is made…well..u can read..don’t u ever try at home!

The two ‘chinese-styled’ Jar is called “tempayan” in malay or “tajau” in local dialect: to be true KadazanDusun…or better still: Pokok Tajau…I forgot the other names..siopon? correct me?

I am not going to explain on the “ancient looking” backsack..more…but it is called ‘basung’ and used to carry the rice grains during harvesting season in the paddy field…ancient it may look like but it is very efficient..you can even put a toddler inside..and carry him on your back!

ok.. this is the ripening fruit..apples to the drinkers eye!

the rice wine
will make u go dizzy and sometimes ‘crazy’! A Very popular drinks in the interior part of sabah

I would like to post you a picture of a very famous animal
which is I feel on the verge of extinction in sabah..not due to poaching but due to intermittent theft and lack of attention..
would like WWF to put this on endangered list because its meat is the most
sought after in wedding and grand ceremonies…pity you Mr.Buff!

Story Arrangement By: Harry George
Sources: TVRC
Pictures: Dennis James


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