Bibit Kesenian SMK Narinang (SMK Narinang Seeds of Art)

Book Produced By STPM student of SMK Narinang Kota Belud, Sabah.
The innovative approach of SMK Narinang, Kota Belud, in producing a book on the artistic creations of STPM students deserves acknowledgement. State Education Director Datuk Dr Hj Muhiddin Yusin said this when launching the book entitled Bibit Kesenian SMK Narinang (SMK Narinang Seeds of Art) at his office at Rumah Persekutuan, here, recently.
He congratulated the Art Teacher concerned and the students for their excellent work. “The Principal also deserves recognition for being the driving force behind the compilation of students’ works.
Two of the pieces, depicting the Sabah Publishing House office, were completed by 2005 STPM students, Alwisa Alsatu and Redzuan, using acrylic paint.
The items which were submitted for the STPM examination have since become the property of the Malaysian Examinations Board (MPM).
They are now on display among other artworks at the MPM Art Gallery in the peninsula.
“What SMK Narinang has achieved is exemplary.
The drawings reproduced in the book are of very high standard and quality. Such effort is something that I encourage very much.
“This collection of artworks of talented students is the fruit of their labour.
It shows that the school, especially the subject teacher, has accomplished an excellent task in teaching and guiding the students to produce such fine work,” he said.
Given proper guidance and coaching, Dr Muhiddin said students can definitely excel in their studies or any field of activity.
The Director was glad that SMK Narinang has responded positively to what he has persistently said about the role of a school.
“It is my belief that a school is not only a place where knowledge, information and skills can be imparted to students but also a platform where we can seriously produce quality products such as books, equipment, tools and education-related services.
“We can also go further by patenting some of the products and applying for intellectual property rights for them wherever deemed appropriate,” he said.
On hand to present a copy of the book to Dr Muhiddin was the former Principal of SMK Narinang, Cheah Chu Tai, who served from 2007 to 2010.
For a start, 200 copies were printed. The 44-page book contains 71 photographs of art pieces, 68 of which were completed by Form Six students who passed Visual Art Studies (PSV) with flying colours in the STPM examination from 2005 to 2010.
The rest (portraits of Bajau folks) were the artworks of the school’s Art Teacher, Jhonny Apong @ Chin Thien Kong, 40.
Jhonny gave credit to Cheah for having mooted the idea of the compilation and bringing the project to fruition. The artpieces featuring portraits, landscape and buildings were produced by using a wide range of media such as acrylic paint, pencil, pastel, charcoal, silkscreen printing and water colour. Most of them were executed with mixed media, using silkscreen printing, water colour and acrylic paint.
Cheah, now Principal of SM Ken Hwa, Keningau, said the effort to produce the book was in response to the Director’s call to schools to create education-related products.
“Without the support from Dr Muhiddin, it would not have been a reality.
We were short of funds but, fortunately, we were allowed to use the school canteen rental for our printing expenses.
“Besides documenting artistic works, we want to develop the talents of budding artists,” she said, adding it would also serve as a reference or teaching aid for art teachers.
According to Cheah, PSV has been offered as a subject in the school for STPM since 2005. “We are proud of the success of students who scored 100 per cent full passes in the subject over the years.”
In addition, SMK Narinang has won accolades in the State-level Annual Selection Artworks for three consecutive years from 2008.
The book was compiled by Jhonny who hails from Tenghilan.
“It took me almost one year after the artworks were photographed by PSV teachers Jee Pey Ling and Ruhani Dinsim. It was edited by another teacher, Aslizah Saupin.”
Jhonny, an ex-Kent College trainee, obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang in 2004 after completing a one-year course on the Special Teaching Certificate at the Keningau Teachers Training Institute.
The Art teacher, who had earlier drawn a portrait of Dr Muhiddin in pencil, presented it to the Director.
Jhonny hoped that the book would correct the public’s, especially parents’ negative perceptions of PSV as a career.
According to him, 26 of the 68 budding artists highlighted in the book, who scored “A” in PSV in the STPM examination between 2005 and 2020, have pursued or are pursuing tertiary education in public institutions of higher learning (IPTA) or private institutions of higher learning (IPTS).
He cited the case of 2005 STPM student, Crisnah Pindah, who became a lecturer at UiTM, Selangor, and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Fine Arts at the same institution.
“In fact, PSV as a discipline offers numerous work opportunities in branches of art such as advertising, animation, cartoon, comics, special effects, website designing and art of fashion and modeling, apart from occupations like artist, sculptor, illustrator, photographer and film-maker,” Jhonny pointed out, adding that quite a number of ex-STPM students of SMK Narinang have found art-related employment in the private sector.
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Sources: Daily Express Newspaper
Picture: Daily Express

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