Political Changes Outside Tamparuli

Revive the Langkon seat: PBS
Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, Sarapin Magana, urged the State Government to revive the Langkon state constituency.
He said doing so would relieve the burden of the Matunggong constituency of which he is also the Assemblyman.
Matunggong he said, is only a sub-district and thus reviving the Langkon state constituency would absorb some of the burden of the Matunggong state constituency.
He said Matunggong has 176 villages but of that, 12 do not have village chiefs and JKKK chairmen.
“In this respect, it is necessary that the State Government review and re-create again the Langkon state constituency,” he said, when hosting the Matunggong Hari Raya Open House, recently.
On the other hand, he said Parti Bersatu Sabah has always been supporting the State and Federal governments to improve the lives of the people in the State.
“It is therefore important that the Kota Marudu parliamentary constituency is on par with other districts or parliamentary constituencies in terms of development,” he said More than 2,000 people attended the event.
Speaking at the open house, he said in order to achieve the 1Malaysia concept, it is important that people of different racial, ethnic and religious background are included in it.
In this respect, he said it is equally important for the people to inculcate the spirit of friendship and to forge lasting ties among them irrespective of race and religion.
Sarapin ticked off some quarters who only highlighted shortages in the district and blamed the Government for it.
Instead of grumbling, they should strive to cooperate and develop Matunggong as well as to unite the people.
Without unity among the people, he said it is difficult to generate development in the locality.
“The government transformation programme mooted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is what we all should be practising because it aims to improve the government’s performance,” he said.
During the event, Sarapin and Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili also distributed rice and Raya cash to selected recipients from the 176 villages that include the disabled (OKUs), orphans, single mothers and senior citizens.
Also present were Tandek Assemblywoman, Anita Baranting and Kota Marudu Umno chief, Wetrom Bahanda @ Mohd Fikri.
Meanwhile, Sarapin urged the public to fly the Jalur Gemilang to show their patriotism to the country. They should not wait before Malaysia Day to purchase the flag.
Flying the Jalur Gemilang he said should remind them of how the independence was achieved as well as the sacrifices of the freedom fighters to attain it.
Without these freedom fighters, the nation would still be under the British rule, he said when launching the Matunggong Merdeka Kembara Convoy.
The convoy started from the Matunggong sub-district office and passed by many villages before stopping at Sikuati township where Sarapin handed the Jalur Gemilang to Sikuati Kapitan.
From Sikuati, the convoy made up of 27 vehicles went to Tindakon Dazang Beach before heading back to Matunggong sub-district office where the Jalur Gemilang was hoisted up the pole.
Sources: Daily Express – 15 Sept 2011
Picture: Google Image

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