Gift Sale to attract and cheat customer

Dirty Marketing Strategy
Have you ever came across with a sales person approaching your and give you the so call gift sale.  Then the sales person will said ” congratulation!!! You are the luckiest person for today” he/she will then ask you to follow him/her to the shop outlets and his/her mouth will never stop talking and you don’t realize that your already sign the form as a conformation to buy their thing… Huh be very careful with these guys. Just because of the high commission, the sale person will do what ever it take to get customer. Normally the senior citizen will fall with this guys. Actually my education background is Marketing and I know what the marketer think.. In mind, money… but at least do it the clean way. Enough for to today.. Continue reading below.  
Firm ordered to pay RM2,130 over ‘gift sale’
Electrical appliances distributor, Home E-tech Electronic Sdn Bhd, was ordered to pay a total of RM2,130 to one Maruf Jeman by the Consumer Claims Tribunal.
Maruf said he was approached by salespersons from the outlet near Servay Hypermarket in Penampang recently who offered him a free bag without him having to purchase anything.
Feeling lucky, he followed the man and woman into their shop where they asked him to fill in some forms stating who he was as he had received their free gift as well as for reference purposes.
“They said ‘this bag is your free gift and you can just bring it home now if you want to’, but asked me to just fill in some forms for reference so I just went along,” he said.
It was when he was inside that they opened the bag and showed him two coupons stating he had won two things from the shop, he said.
When Maruf took out his credit card, they requested to see it and also requested that he show them his identification card.
“Before I knew it, they already swiped my credit card and got all my details from my identification card. When I asked them about it, they gave me silly excuses, forcing me to leave the shop in disbelief,” he said, adding that he left without even taking the two so-called free items.
He said he had wanted to return to the shop as soon as he got into his car but could only do so the next day as the road was too congested at that time.
“Even though they said they would refund my money, and that a cheque has been prepared, I still want to take this matter to the tribunal because I do not trust them,” he stated.
Tribunal president Datuk Dr. Lawrence SH Thien made the award against Home E-tech, as none of its representatives was present for the hearing.

In another case, logistics and moving services company, Cahayapack (M) Sdn Bhd was ordered to pay RM4,300 to an army personnel, Roslan Abdul Haru for losing his properties while having his car transported from Melaka to Semporna recently.
However, his extra claims for RM1,500 in transportation fees to and from Semporna was rejected by Thien as he had no valid bills relating to the fees mentioned.
Story Arrangement By: Harry George
Sources: Daily Express
Picture: Google

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