Things to buy in Kudat

Welcome to Kudat, while you are here and looking for something to buy to bring home here is several items that you can buy in Kudat. Kudat is well-known for these items.
Kudat region is known as the main producer of coconut products in Sabah. In the past huge area of land was cleared and planted with coconut trees making it one of the main income source for the people in Kudat. Although most of the coconut plantation now are slowly being replaced with palm oil plantation but there are still many farmers growing coconuts trees for commercial purposes. You should buy coconut fruits while you are here and the price are considerably very much cheaper compared to those being sold in Kota Kinabalu.
As already mentioned  in this webpage, Kudat is well-known as a producer of Gongs. Gongs are produced in Kampung Sumangkap Gong Factory in Matunggung Kudat. Many sizes of Gongs are available for you to buy as souvenir. If you need your name embedded on the Gongs, you should inform the Gong makers prior to your arrival so that he has ample time to make the Gong according to your specifications and needs. Please refer to Kampung Sumangkap Gong Factory for further information about our Gongs products.
Kudat Peanuts is one of the highly sought products in Kudat. Your visit to Kudat is not complete without a kilo or two of Kudat peanuts. You can buy it from Pasar Besar Kudat or Kudat Market. Once you are inside the Pasar Besar Kudat, ask any of the vendors there.  
Kudat is also well-known as Honey Bee producer in Sabah. You may visit Gombizau Honey Bee Farm in Kampung Gombizau, Matunggung to visit the honey bee  farm and to buy a bottle or two of fresh, fine and delicious honey.
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