Mother’s Tears

Various parts of the district and Mataking Island off Semporna will play host to a joint Malaysia and China movie entitled “Mother’s Tears”.
It was learnt that apart from promoting the beautiful and scenic views of the district and Mataking, it will also promote the 1Malaysia concept.
The movie will feature popular Malaysian lass from the district, Amber Chia, as the main actress.
The movie with a budget of RM3 million began its shooting on Sept 23 in the district at places such as the district hospital, airport, Yuk Chin Primary School and Tanjung Batu Tinagat, and at Mataking Island from October 5 to 10.
The movie’s concept will promote the concept of 1Malaysia as Malay, Chinese and Indian actors and actresses from the country will be engaged, apart from China and Japan.
The movie project will make use of China’s technical know-how and directorship from Malaysia.
Upon completion of the movie shoots in the country, the team will resume their shooting in China before completing it there, the date of which has yet to be fixed.
Daily Express ( 04/10/2011)
Picture: Google Image

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