Using Game In Teaching and Learning Activity.

Games for lesson enrichment activity.
Today my journal will be focus on implementing game as one of the enrichment activity to make the lesson plan more effective and successful. As a teacher, we need to think outside the box so that we can create more activity to make the pupils understand more about the topic taught. Games can make the pupils understand more and remember what they were being taught by their teacher.
I have read form the internet about inserting games as one of the activity conducted during the lesson and I want to try it whether this activity can produced good result or not.  Letting the pupils to relax and enjoy while the lesson conducted will let go their pressure in learning something new from the lesson. The pupils need to be entertained nicely so that they can accept any lesson given by the teacher. As for new comer in this challengeable career, I must do the trial and error process so that I can decide whether my lesson plan was effective or not. So I decided to insert games at every lesson. This game will not take too much time and everybody in the class will be participating and full cooperation.
During the game, every pupil was participating and really enjoying it. The pupils keep on asking when there will be a game again after their done with the game. One of the games that they really like was “Simon Say”. In this game, one pupils will come to the front and asking the other pupils a question or an instruction. For example; Simon say look to the right and every pupils need to follow the instruction. If there is a pupil not following the instruction she/he will be considered out of the game. From this activity teacher can give new vocabulary and can adjust the game for one purpose only. Other example of the game conducted was “I Spy”, “Whispering Game” and “Magic Box” or in Malay language we call it as “Kotak Beracun”
The pupils were really excited when the game started and I can see from their face that they were really enjoying it. It was easy to control them during the game because everybody wants to become the winner of the game. After the game ends, I will be asking them what have they learn from the game? Every pupil can answer it. This result appears to be like this because every pupil were participating the game. If compare with a group activity such as answering the word puzzle some of the pupils cannot give answer because only a handful of them were participating. 
I need to select appropriate game that is suitable for the yearly scheme and curriculum specification so that every game I conducted will be on track with the syllabus. Usually when conducting the game it will cost me more time and sometime the allocation of time for the game was not on track. I need to control the time so that the next steps can be conducted accordingly.
I’m trying to create and develop a lesson plan which includes games in every steps in the lesson plan. For example, step 1: Set Induction include one game, next steps Presentation I will be inserted another game and this will be continue until the end of the lesson. All the pupils must participate the game so that they can experience it and at the same time learn something new. At the ends of the lesson, teacher will be asking what they have learnt from the first game and the pupils will recall back what they have gone through and the question will continue until the last game conducted. Surely they can memorize all the knowledge that they have learn during the lesson. I have not conducted it yet and hopefully I can spare my time to do this lesson planning.
Written by: Harry George
Date: 6 October 2011

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