Budget 2012

The Budget 2012 is a good news for the Malaysian. Budget 2012 is an advantage to the people of Malaysia. Government departments to be rewarded better than the previous budget. Malaysians should be grateful for the prosperity enjoyed in this country. Certainly there will be shortage or problem faced by our administration, but it is natural for the surviving government. Malaysian government is trying to help the poor and improve the infrastructure in this country. Budget 2012 in favor of Malaysian society and I hope that this effort will continue to uphold and strengthen the nation’s economy. What is promised must be fulfilled .. The strength of a nation lies in the Economic, Political and Social in the country itself. Be thankful that we can live in a peaceful and prosperous country. Continue reading article below ……….. Thanks… 

The 2012 Budget speech by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Friday in Parliament besides being broadcast live on local television stations will also be streamed live via the Malaysian Treasury’s portal.
A Finance Ministry statement Tuesday said this was to enable Internet users to follow the live telecast of the speech.
The live telecast of the speech which starts at 4pm can be accessed in Bahasa Malaysia and English by surfing the Malaysian Treasury portal at http://www.treasury.gov.my.
The speech text of the Budget 2012 and Economic Report 2011/2012 can also be downloaded from the portal concerned an hour after Najib, who is also Finance Minister, had tabled the 2012 Budget.
According to the statement, the Budget 2012 speech can also be accessed through mobile web http://www.treasury.gov.my/bagetmobile, RSS link at http://www.treasury.gov.my and linking through agencies’ web pages under the Finance Ministry such as Royal Malaysian Customs Department, Bank Negara Malaysia, Securities Commission and Inland Revenue Board. – Bernama
Story Arrangement By: Harry George
Sources: Daily Express Sabah and Bernama.


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