Internet as tools of Information for the teacher.

Using Internet information as sources of learning and activity. 
Using the internet information as resources in the learning and activity process is a common for the Teacher nowadays. Usually the ordinary teacher will do his/her lesson plan using textbook because they wanted to follow the syllabus. An extraordinary teacher will use the internet information to teach the pupils but still following the syllabus. The perfect lesson plan must include with resources from the internet and textbook so that the pupils’ knowledge will not obsolete and suitable for modern situation.
I have conducted a research about the question used on the UPSR exam and found out that 70% of the question was taken from the textbook syllabus and only 30% of it was from general knowledge. We want to educate the pupils to learn the real life situation. Although the textbook resources also related to the real life situation but it was not enough for the pupils. The textbook information was too simple. Teacher need to enhance the pupil’s knowledge by inserting new idea from the internet.
Teacher need to go through all the sources of teaching such as textbook, internet, magazine, newspaper, books, article and many more to make his or her lesson valuable to the pupils. The best way is to search through the internet to get information for the teaching and learning activity. Some of the internet sources may not suitable for the pupils in Malaysia but most of it can be used as guidance to conduct any particular activity. As for me, my aim and goals is to teach the entire unit in the textbook with internet sources such as game, worksheet or simple story.
I have learnt that the knowledge and information inside the textbook was too simple and too easy. The information was not enough for the pupils and for high level of pupils it was so easy for them. The pupils can answer the question less than five minutes. But when I give the pupils question from the internet that related to the topic from the textbook they cannot answer it. Internet was the valuable sources for the teacher because there is a lot of information can be gathered there. You lesson will become more effective when inserting some of the important sources from the internet.
Although the internet was full with valuable information and knowledge but we as a teacher must screen it first before use it as a tool on delivering the teaching and learning activity. Some of the information might not relevant to the syllabus. So be careful when copying the sources from the internet. English sources can be gathered from the ESL website which stands for English second Language. There are a lot of exercise such as grammar, writing, spelling and many more. Just search it through Google Search. 
I will concentrate to complete all the unit inside the textbook first and then teach the pupils using the internet sources.  The most important thing was the syllabus and as long as the lesson using the internet sources was following it, the lesson was considered on track. I will used internet sources for my future daily lesson plan.
Written by: Harry George 
Picture: Google Image

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