Rest House In Kudat

Lodging in Kudat Sabah.
I was in Kudat town this morning on a business trip. We have some works to do here in Kudat Resthouse or Rumah Rehat Kudat in Bahasa Malaysia. The resthouse is situated at the North-West end of Padang Bandaran Kudat. The entrance to Kudat Resthouse is also facing SMK Pekan Kudat, one of the oldest government funded school in Kudat region.
Weather in Kudat town this morning is fine in fact was very warm. If you are visiting Kudat and you need some information about Kudat. A complete travel guide in Kudat region for new visitors.
Ok, so what on earth about this Kudat Resthouse? Well, I have two thing in mind in this blog post. Number one, I want to highlight that Kudat resthouse is one of the cheapest and also a good place to stay if you are visiting kudat. They have enough rooms, located within a walking distant to any places in Kudat town and affordable. In-house restaurant are also available in Kudat Resthouse. So if you don’t have any transport to get around for meals you can always go into their in-house restaurant. 
So that is how good is Kudat Resthouse. However there are also a bad things and worth highlighting for you to take into account before you pop-in here in Kudat Resthouse.
If you need internet connection, they don’t have internet connection. You will have to bring with you a mobile broadband(internet connection). I wonder why Kudat resthouse management do not think internet connection is important and could be one of the attraction for people to stay here.
The facilities in the resthouse are all the basic one. There are no shower head and TV are not connected to the power and of course no Astro. 
One more good thing about Kudat Resthouse is the staffs are all very helpful. For budget accommodation in Kudat, I would suggest you to try it out.
Adapted From: Mr Tom Journey Go Kudat
Picture: Google Image

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