Correspondent Tour Company

D’Seven Travel & Tours

D’Seven Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd implies our natural companionship, excellence, suit to anyone needs, with valued customers and partners, throughout all others in Borneo.

Our ultimate responsibility is to serve all guests promptly and convey accurate information and knowledge when meeting their needs. Everything we do must be informative with local touch and hospitality. At the same time we are responsible to the communities in which we live and work extensively to the world community as well.

The company’s aim is to venture actively in developing and promoting the uniqueness of Sabah Malaysia as one of the world’s best tourism destination in “Eco & Agro”; apart from that other term of tourism such as sport tourism, health tourism, and cultural tourism destinations are to be enjoyed together with her rich and diverse cultural heritage. She’s not just to provide facilities for appreciation on the natural heritage in Borneo culture but also to increase awareness and greater understanding on the importance to conserve natural resources for continuation arrival of tourist.


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