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Correspondent Tour Company

D’Seven Travel & Tours D’Seven Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd implies our natural companionship, excellence, suit to anyone needs, with valued customers and partners, throughout all others in Borneo. Our ultimate responsibility is to serve all guests promptly and convey … Continue reading

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Teaching Math and Science In English.

MBMMBI Add caption

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Communication Skills

How to Improve Oral Communication Skills in English Improving your spoken English can be much more difficult than improving your listening comprehension because you need to produce English speech that is not only grammatically correct, but is also understandable and … Continue reading

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English Speaking Language

How to Improve Your Oral English Good oral English will benefit your career, schoolwork and personal life. Even if you are learning English as an adult, you can learn to speak well. Whatever difficulties you have — pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary … Continue reading

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Internet as tools of Information for the teacher.

Using Internet information as sources of learning and activity.  Using the internet information as resources in the learning and activity process is a common for the Teacher nowadays. Usually the ordinary teacher will do his/her lesson plan using textbook because … Continue reading

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Rest House In Kudat

Lodging in Kudat Sabah. I was in Kudat town this morning on a business trip. We have some works to do here in Kudat Resthouse or Rumah Rehat Kudat in Bahasa Malaysia. The resthouse is situated at the North-West end … Continue reading

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Budget 2012

The Budget 2012 is a good news for the Malaysian. Budget 2012 is an advantage to the people of Malaysia. Government departments to be rewarded better than the previous budget. Malaysians should be grateful for the prosperity enjoyed in this … Continue reading

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