History Of Tamparuli

History Of Tamparuli Town

Tamparuli is a small town and a sub-district of Tuaran on the west coast of Sabah,Malaysia. It is populated mainly by native Dusuns, while a sizeable Chinese community runs most of the shops in the town proper. As with many other small towns in Sabah and indeed Malaysia as a whole, the town itself consists of both newer concrete shoplots as well as old wooden ones, which are particularly prone to destruction by fire as evidenced in the destruction of one of the wooden shoplots in recent years.

This place already exist more than 200 years ago, but Tamparuli name is not exist yet untill the late 1940s whereby it was being use by the Japanese army to park their lorry or truck in their way to attack Kota Belud and Ranau and to meet their other group or army in Sandakan. The local who live around Tamparuli gave Tamparuli name base on the words ” Tempat Lori ” that being use by the Japanese army. ” other folks story and comedy told that a son with his mother was being quarrellings for some time because of her son wanted to buy an ice cream but his mother did not have enough money to buy an Ice cream. The mother feel fade up with his son behavior and trying to slap him but her hand hit the Japanese lorry. This so call story being translated to Lotud and ” Slap a Lorry” translate to their language sound like this ” Tampar ruli ” wihen this words combined together become “Tamparuli” and this the story that create Tamparuli name. ( This is a joke but below is the real story about Tamparuli Town.
The tribe that originally live in Tamparuli area is the so call Dusun Lotud. The Lotud people live from Kg Tambalugu, Panjut, Lakang, Telibong, Tomui, Sungai Damit, Bantayan and Kg Nohirot in present time. During that this village is not exist yet but they just call the Village of the Pangait or ” The Head Hunters”. Many of this “Head Hunter” have survive and their generation is still continuing these habit but not inside Tuaran district. Usually they will find others village to get a head to be display at their house.
I already live in Tamparuli for the past 32 Years and I still gathering all document and other sources to create a book of history refer to Tamparuli origin and history. If we can go to National Museum of London I think that we can at least get information for Tamparuli in 200 years back. Recently I got new info about Tamapruli Town in the late 1950s. Someone from the web had send me a picture of ” Jambatan Tamparuli ” in 1960s during the big flood. These picture showing that a Policeman in British Uniform is inspecting the Suspension bridge during the flood. The story about the suspension bridge of Tamparuli are not being told by this guy, He just send me an e-mail that he is in the British Army Engineer who being given a task to develop and built Kota Belud Camp Paradise. They use to bypassed Tamparuli town to deliver their material to Kota Belud. If your visit Tamparuli town you will find a memorial plaque at Tamparuli town beside the “Pasar Tamapruli” whereby it comomerate the lost of two British Army lives in trying to save a women from Kota Belud. Please Visit Tamparuli to get more information.
The stories about the British Engineer to build the suspension bridge was a good story and become a legend for me. This story is being told again and again by my mother, grandmother and other elders living in my  village Kg Kionsom Baru the nearest village to Tamparuli Town. This story told about a young women that being captured by the “Head Hunter” and hand over to the British to be scarified for the “Tambuakar” living inside Tuaran River. The British already try many time to built the bridge but it was wash away by the river again and again. So they scarified this beautiful women for the ” Tambuakar ” to clam down the devil will. My grandmother said that  this beautiful lady being crush by concrete, she keep on crying again and again and swear that a white man must also be scarified to calm her down. If you swim under the bridge you will find a plaque mention the name of “ Solungkoi ” who being sacrificed for the good of the bridge. The exact location will be keep in secret but many Tamparuli citizen knows about it.

This History is not ends yet because I will continue it soon after I got more story to be publish in History Pages. Please send your comment if your are not satisfies with this story…..


Story Arrengement By: Harry George

Picture: Google Images and Starstream group


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  1. Johnson tee says:

    I am glad you are doing your bit to keep the history of Tamparuli. I strongly encourage you to write a book on the history of our home town. Perhaps we can work together. Good job done ! @ johns on

  2. ezan says:

    nice story and history information tq…

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