Hon. Datuk Louis Rampas MLA
Member of the Supreme Council of the Sabah United Party (Parti Bersatu Sabah)

Hon. Datuk Louis Rampas was born on 12 July 1951 in Kg. Poturidong, Kiulu. He is married to Lily Ng Le Li and they have 2 children.

Louis is currently the Chairman of the Sabah Rubber Fund Board and a member of the Sabah State Legislative Assembly (MLA) for the N.11 Kiulu constituency since 13 March 1999.

He was formerly with the Sabah Civil Service having served in various capacities as Executive Officer in the Ministry of Education and Assistant District Officer in Labuan. He also held the posts of District Officer in Kunak, Semporna, Ranau, Nabawan and Keningau. He was later posted to the Human Resource Development Bureau as its Deputy Director in 1999.

Lovis holds a Diploma in Public Administration from the Mara Institute of Technology.
Datuk Louis Rampas already serve the citizen for three term from 1998 to 2008 general election. Many Development already being develop but there is still more to improve such as roads at Kg Kionsom Baru bawah whereby it need to look seriously because it hard for the villager to use it it during rainy session. As the citizen and pure voter for N10 Kiulu we need this development as soon as possible. Help us Datuk….

P/s: You may sit down and discuss with our JKKK En Ahmad Batang and our Village Head Mr Morris Gampalid to tackle this problem. Thanks Datuk for support.

Message from Admin, anybody who read this articles please forward it to Datuk Louis Rampas.

Development of Kiulu and Picture of it Town will be Display later. ( 4 Nov 2010 )

Kiulu – White River rafting in Kiulu/Tuaran River.
Kiulu River is located on the northwestern part of Sabah in a small town called Kiulu which are recognized as being the second most beautiful village in Malaysia. Kiulu River is calssified as Class I – II river.
There will be once a year event that call 4M challenge advertise by the local and Tourism government in Sabah to promote kiulu Town to the world. Everybody can visit Kiulu Town to watch this Event, below is the details about the events.
11th Kiulu 4M Challenge

Date : 25 January 2009A traditional extreme sports competition, which incorporates the four “Ms” in Kadazan, Manangkus (running), Mamangkar (rafting), Manampatau (bamboo body rafting) and Mamarampanau (walking on bamboo stilts). Held in the picturesque district of Kiulu, the 4M Challenge promises a wet and wild time for all!


Further Information

Organiser : Kiulu 4M Challenge Committee
Contact Person : Arrifin Gadait
Telephone : +6088 225752 / +6019 8624585
Fax : +6088 257091
Email Contact : my

Bigger participation in Kiulu 4M Challenge

KOTA KINABALU: The Kiulu 4M Challenge 2008, organised by Sabah Tourism Board this weekend, has received very encouraging response following the high increase in participation.
As of yesterday, a total of 214 contestants have confirmed their participation in the annual challenge compared to the 126 participants last year.

Organising chairman Ariffin Gadait, at a press conference yesterday said they will be competing in eight events in the singles and team categories that starts at Kg Malangang at 8.40am.
Tuaran MP, Datuk Wilfred Bumburing will officiate at the opening ceremony.

“The singles category comprises the Junior Open, Women Open and the Xtreme 5M Men Open, while the team category will involve the Mixed Open, 5M Open, Media, Travel Industry, and Corporate and Government,” he said.

Ariffin said the 4M challenge is an indigenous, adventurous and thrilling eco-sports tourism event of survival skills, teamwork and traditional sports.
The 4M are four disciplines that participants have to go through in the event.
They include Manangkus (running), Mamangkar (bamboo rafting), Manampatau (body rafting with a bamboo pole) and Mamarampanau (bamboo stilts walking/running).
The objectives are to create a “love nature” culture, to enhance indigenous eco-sports tourism, to popularise Kiulu as a prime tourist destination in Sabah, and to create opportunities for active native and local participation in the tourism industry.

Since it was launched on Dec 6, 1998 – but only officially recognised as a state tourism event in 2000 in conjunction with the Visit Sabah Year 2000 and also one of the highlights in the Visit Malaysia Year – the Kiulu 4M Challenge had made great impacts and contributed vastly in the local tourism industry, Ariffin said.
He said it made Kiulu popular as a tourist destination for white water rafting and increased river conservation awareness, notably the revival of the bombon/tagal system (river fish breeding conservation/fishing prohibition) along Kiulu rivers.
“It has also contributed to the encouraging increase in the local participation and involvement in the tourism industry, especially in the provision of rafting equipments and rafting guide services, camping and jungle trekking activities and establishment of homestay programme,” he said.
Apart from the 4M events, Ariffin said there will also be a few supporting activities such as the elephant exhibition and ride, Luguan Mamangkar 4M (king of rafting) and an open market.
Winners in the challenge will receive cash prizes and medals. Each participant will also receive a certificate of participation.
Among others involved in the competition is the Sabah Journalist Association (SJA).
(Source: New Sabah Times, 04 Dec 2008)

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