Local People at Tamparuli Sabah

Dusun Lotud Traditional Costumes.

Dusun Lotud is one of the local tribe in Tamparuli Sabah. Actually the word tribe is not suitable but I can’t find the right word for describing this people. Mainly the Lotuds live in District of Tuaran and most of them live around Tamparuli area. I have a lot of friend from Dusun Lotud origin. They are really friendly and kind. Some of them might have attitude problem but only a small portion of them. The Dusun people come with many different types of origin such as Dusun Darat, Dusun Lotud, Dusun Liwan, Dusun Tindal, Kimaragang and many more. If  the Dusuns only stand for one citation it might not confusing other people. There will be only Dusun People and nor Dusun Lotud, Dusun Kimaragang and so forth.

Dusun Lotud have many traditional heritage and  I really enjoying them wearing their Traditional Costumes. if you want to see them wearing their traditional costume, you can visit Tamparuli during Pesta Kaamatan or Harvest Festival and Bamboo Music Festival. This two festival is celebrate yearly on the May. I like to take picture of this people but for the time being I cannot do that. Busy with works keep me from doing that. i have through the net and found something that really boost me up to write about this people. I have copy paste some of the article for you to reads and some picture to share with you to make a clear view about this people. My hobby is to write a simple article, blogging and reading. Sorry if i’m not using appropriate words because my English is not good enough to become a good writer but I’m trying to make it better and better and I really need your comments to drive me up for the good of Tamparuli Sabah website. Thanks for reading and till then Happy Weekends.

 Old Folk wearing Traditional Costume for the Lotud People in Tamparuli.

A Lady wearing Lotud Traditional Costume.

Expanded Text source: Copyright © Andreas Alex – Malay Customs and Taboos. Used with permission.

Introduction / History
The Kadazandusun people groups are the largest indigenous grouping in Sabah. The Malaysia 2000 census placed their number at 479,944 or about 18.4% of the total state population.
Although the census counts them as a single people group there are in fact more than twenty ethnolinguistic people groups within the number above. The largest of these are the Central Dusun, Coastal Kadazan, Labuk-Kinabatangan Kadazan, Bundu Dusun, Rungus Dusun, Tambunan Dusun, Kimaragang and Tempasuk Dusun. Although these various people groups are scattered across more than half of the state in the western, northern and central portions, most of them live in the interior, usually along one of the many rivers rather than in coastal areas. An exception are the Coastal Kadazan who live along the west coast in the Penampang and Papar Districts.
The Coastal Kadazan dialect is the most well established Kadazandusun dialect even though they are not the largest people group numerically. This may be due to their close proximity to the capital of Kota Kinabalu, and the fact that their language is used in some Sabah newspapers and radio broadcasts. It is also taught in primary schools.
What are their lives like?
The Kadazandusun people groups are all primarily agriculturalists with rice growing supplemented by vegetable gardening and animal husbandry. Many have also found jobs in the timber industry that has boomed in the last two decades. Village life is usually communal, but those in urban areas tend to be less so. Although many hold on to certain aspects of their culture, the lifestyle of the Kadazandusun in the urban and developed areas is quite different from those in the remote rural areas.
What are their beliefs?
The Kadazandusun were traditionally animists but have been influenced by both Christianity and Islam. Many of those that the government counts as Christians come from a church tradition where any child that is born into a family that calls itself Christian is also considered to be Christian. Those holding to traditional religion today believe in a spirit world that is especially important in the cycle of rice cultivation as well as major events in the cycle of life. Although believing in a supreme being who created verything, they also attribute spirits to many things in nature such as birds, animals, and plants. 
The “rice spirit,” in particular, figures prominently in their beliefs and practices. Some of the Kadazandusun people groups are noted for their use of bobohizan ‘priestesses’ for controlling the spirits.
What are their needs?
While many of the Kadazandusun have experienced the benefits of an improving educational system and the modern economy, those who live in rural areas in particular have not experienced the same level of progress. For those in the mainstream of modernization, a different problem exists as they try to maintain their cultural heritage and identity.
For those trusting in traditional religion, whether it is animistic or nominally Christian traditions, the greatest need is for them to hear and respond to the good news. Pray that many people would believe and have a vital and personal faith.
Text source: Copyright © Southeast Asia Link – SEALINK. Used with permission.
Article Arrangement By: Harry George
Sources: http://www.mysabah.com, FB Anaswah, 
Picture: Google Image and Mysabah.com
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Google Adsense Academy

Making money online through Google Adsense. 
There are many way to make money through online. One of it was Google Adsense. Blogger who did not know about it need to read more and perhaps can found new thing to be inserted to their blog. For beginner blogger please read below article.
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Just recently Google has introduced the AdSense Academy, an online course with documentation and tests designed to improve your knowledge of the ad platform. Here you will understand how Adsense works.
Regardless of whether you are an AdSense pro or just starting out learning the intricacies of online advertising, Google believes the AdSense Academy can help you improve your knowledge and, in the end, your performance on AdSense and eventually make more money as Adsense ads publisher
“AdSense Academy can help you successfully run your Adsense account by following six step-by-step learning modules. The Academy provides best practices on everything from implementing your ad units to building your traffic to controlling your ads,” Google explained.
There is documentation, videos and tests to see how much you’ve learned. There’s also a progress bar indicating how many of the concepts covered you have mastered. Of course, the AdSense Academy is completely free.  
Adapted From: Mr Tom Sunduvan Article ( 07/10/2011 )
Story Arrangement: Harry George
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Using Game In Teaching and Learning Activity.

Games for lesson enrichment activity.
Today my journal will be focus on implementing game as one of the enrichment activity to make the lesson plan more effective and successful. As a teacher, we need to think outside the box so that we can create more activity to make the pupils understand more about the topic taught. Games can make the pupils understand more and remember what they were being taught by their teacher.
I have read form the internet about inserting games as one of the activity conducted during the lesson and I want to try it whether this activity can produced good result or not.  Letting the pupils to relax and enjoy while the lesson conducted will let go their pressure in learning something new from the lesson. The pupils need to be entertained nicely so that they can accept any lesson given by the teacher. As for new comer in this challengeable career, I must do the trial and error process so that I can decide whether my lesson plan was effective or not. So I decided to insert games at every lesson. This game will not take too much time and everybody in the class will be participating and full cooperation.
During the game, every pupil was participating and really enjoying it. The pupils keep on asking when there will be a game again after their done with the game. One of the games that they really like was “Simon Say”. In this game, one pupils will come to the front and asking the other pupils a question or an instruction. For example; Simon say look to the right and every pupils need to follow the instruction. If there is a pupil not following the instruction she/he will be considered out of the game. From this activity teacher can give new vocabulary and can adjust the game for one purpose only. Other example of the game conducted was “I Spy”, “Whispering Game” and “Magic Box” or in Malay language we call it as “Kotak Beracun”
The pupils were really excited when the game started and I can see from their face that they were really enjoying it. It was easy to control them during the game because everybody wants to become the winner of the game. After the game ends, I will be asking them what have they learn from the game? Every pupil can answer it. This result appears to be like this because every pupil were participating the game. If compare with a group activity such as answering the word puzzle some of the pupils cannot give answer because only a handful of them were participating. 
I need to select appropriate game that is suitable for the yearly scheme and curriculum specification so that every game I conducted will be on track with the syllabus. Usually when conducting the game it will cost me more time and sometime the allocation of time for the game was not on track. I need to control the time so that the next steps can be conducted accordingly.
I’m trying to create and develop a lesson plan which includes games in every steps in the lesson plan. For example, step 1: Set Induction include one game, next steps Presentation I will be inserted another game and this will be continue until the end of the lesson. All the pupils must participate the game so that they can experience it and at the same time learn something new. At the ends of the lesson, teacher will be asking what they have learnt from the first game and the pupils will recall back what they have gone through and the question will continue until the last game conducted. Surely they can memorize all the knowledge that they have learn during the lesson. I have not conducted it yet and hopefully I can spare my time to do this lesson planning.
Written by: Harry George
Date: 6 October 2011
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Mother’s Tears

Various parts of the district and Mataking Island off Semporna will play host to a joint Malaysia and China movie entitled “Mother’s Tears”.
It was learnt that apart from promoting the beautiful and scenic views of the district and Mataking, it will also promote the 1Malaysia concept.
The movie will feature popular Malaysian lass from the district, Amber Chia, as the main actress.
The movie with a budget of RM3 million began its shooting on Sept 23 in the district at places such as the district hospital, airport, Yuk Chin Primary School and Tanjung Batu Tinagat, and at Mataking Island from October 5 to 10.
The movie’s concept will promote the concept of 1Malaysia as Malay, Chinese and Indian actors and actresses from the country will be engaged, apart from China and Japan.
The movie project will make use of China’s technical know-how and directorship from Malaysia.
Upon completion of the movie shoots in the country, the team will resume their shooting in China before completing it there, the date of which has yet to be fixed.
Daily Express ( 04/10/2011)
Picture: Google Image
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Sabah role for Charles’ endeavour

Sabah’s invaluable experiences could provide the needed synergy for Prince Charles charities in addressing the issue of fast tracking funds to tropical forest nations for immediate implementation.

This likelihood was broached at the WWF Global Forest Trade Network (GFTN) Anniversary Forum at St James’ Palace State Apartments, here, on Sept. 8.

At the occasion, the Prince of Wales raised concern over the untimely disbursement of funds to rainforest nations to address many forest and climate issues.
Charles stressed the need from all for a concerted effort on sustaining, nurturing and protecting the earth’s natural capital and moreover “reshaping our economic system so that nature sits at the heart of our thinking”.
It was also a historic moment for the Sabah Forestry Department when its Director, Datuk Sam Mannan, was invited by Charles to present a keynote address on “Good Forest Governance and Conservation in Sabah – The Long Journey of Redemption” at the forum.
In his address, Mannan touched on forest governance and conservation in Sabah, including the importance of political will and support in advancing Sustainable Forest Management (SFM), the need to raise standards in forest practices and certification, engaging wider stakeholder participation to better institutionalise forest management, and the dire need to increase the economic returns from the forests.
Mannan urged support and recognition for many of the efforts being undertaken in championing SFM in a small state like Sabah, especially during the timber famine period currently experienced by the State.
He also reiterated the urgency for concerted efforts to raise real and significant incomes from the rainforests for its security and sanctity in the long-run. He strongly advocated that “Love Alone Will Not Protect It”.
Charles and Mannan discussed further the challenges in maintaining Sabah’s forests over tea and took the opportunity to invite Charles to Sabah to witness the SFM conservation work undertaken there.
The Forestry Department is currently in talks with the Prince’s Charities International Sustainability Unity and WWF on the way forward to put many of the recommendations into action.
The forum also witnessed the Prince of Wales taking over the helm as the new President of WWF UK succeeding his cousin, Princess Alexandra.
Daily Express
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1 Malaysia Shop outlets.

Kadai 1Malaysia ukabon id poliliput pogun
Lobi kogumu’ Kadai 1Malaysia do maan ukabo’ doid poliliput pogun kaampai no tongo’ watas montok papasaga’ tulun ginumuan maganu pangaba’ kobuuburuon kagaaganapan miampai gatang i omurah om poinpatut.
Montiri Pidagangan Suang Pogun, Koperasi om Koponggunaan Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, minoboros do bohogian disio maamaso mongintutun di koiyonon i kosudong montok koponuridangan do kadai nokomoi.
“Soginumu’ do 60 tinan kadai sopiagal dilo’ i maan turidongo’ doid poliliput pogun do toun tiso’, tolu mantad dilo’ maan turidongo’ doid Pahang ilo’ nopo nga’ id Bera, Kuantan om Pekan,” ka disio kuminaa magaganu habar katalib tuminindapou do ramai tadau raya peneroka Felda Tembagau, doros hiti, di songkosoodop.
Minoboros isio do soginumu’ do 25 tinan kadai sopiagal idlo’ maan turidongo’ pogulu koompokon toun.
“Kadai 1Malaysia diti okito do kapanahak sumpili’ kumaa tulun ginumuan montok maganu pangaba’ kagaaganapan diolo’ miampai gatang di lobi poinpatut,” ka disio.
Sabah Times
Kadazandusun Language.
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Sabah Web ( Hotel Information ) For Global Traveler.

Accor Hotels’ Sabah.
It was easy to find a one stop center for traveler on the web if you really know how to do it. For the traveler it was a convenience to save time, energy and money if you book online. Go to Google search and search for “Book a hotel” or search hotel in the place where you want to visit. If you want to visit Sabah do visit Sabah Tourism or book a hotel here in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Sabah is a Borneo Paradise for traveler around the world. For this post, I want to introduce the Accor Hotels’ Sabah web, a one stop center for information about hotel in Sabah. The web intend to provide info for list of hotel in Sabah with info about accommodation and best services offered by best hotel in Sabah. If you want to visit Ranau… you can search through http//:goranau.blogspot.com for more information. Please read below article if you wanted to know more about Accor Hotels’ Sabah. Thanks….
Accor Hotels’ Sabah website is expected to reach a wider segment of global travellers who have yet to experience what the state has to offer.
Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said the website, Accorhotels.com/sabah, was a convenient platform that has become the first source for information.
“Accor has considered the contemporary needs of customers who want to plan their holidays by providing them a slice of Sabah on their computer screens,” he said at the launch of the website here Thursday.
The text of his speech was read by State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun.
Musa said the website, which also provided links to the Sabah Tourism Board and Tourism Malaysia websites, complemented the state government’s efforts to market Sabah to the rest of the world.
He said the government was constantly looking at new incentives to further boost the tourism industry and make it one of the pillars of the Malaysian economy.
Accor has 4,100 hotels worldwide with 500,000 rooms in 90 countries.
Daily Express
Story Arrangement By: Harry George
Picture: Accors Hotels’ Sabah.
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